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 It is my goal as a filmmaker to take viewers into a space, where hope and optimism can prevail in the midst of everyday chaos; a place where, momentarily, magic can exist. 

Rachael Sonnenberg is a filmmaker living and working in New York City. She currently attends graduate school at  NYU Tisch. Rachael graduated from Wesleyan University (‘19) with a BA in Film and American Studies. Her thesis film Pledge It (2019) screened internationally in over thirty-five festivals winning (“Best Comedy”) (“Best Student Film”) (“Best Parody”) and a Certificate of Merit for (“Directing, Casting and Acting of Child Actors”). Rachael is also known for her shorts The Locket (2014), The Tooth Fairy (2016), and Bird Song (2015) all of which made their own film festival circulations in the US and abroad.

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